Update #2!

Hi to all!!

First of all, I must apologize for my absence in the blogging world for the past few months. My job has been quite exhausting and I am in the midst of a career transition. I have been very tired and have been doing a lot of soul searching throughout this time.

I have continued to watch great films but in between studying, etc., I have not devoted the time and energy I usually have in my writing. I have realized that writing, about critiquing, and discussing great films are my passions, and that this makes me feel whole and fulfilled.

Second of all, I apologize to those who have had blogathons which I signed up for but was not able to participate in. I am very sorry as I really try to honour commitments I make. With forthcoming blogathons, I will ensure that I will have the time and energy to write about films that I love. I really enjoy connecting with other cinephiles about various themes in film, and I want and need to continue this tradition 🙂

Thanks again for understanding re my absence in the blogging world. I appreciate all that other writers contribute to enrich and enhance my experience and love of cinema, and I hope that I can continue to disperse a fraction of that knowledge and passion that has been dispensed to me through film blogging 🙂